Nylon and Polyester Monofilament Yarns; 


Monofilament yarn is obtained from the raw materials Polyamid 6 - 6.6 and Polyester Polymers and produced for a variety of users’ need. It is widely used because of it’s heat durability and excellent thickness.


Uses of Monofilament Yarns ;

  • Sewing Thread Manufacturers
  • Conveyor Belt Manufacturers
  • Seat Belt Manufacturers
  • Narrow Woven Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Fishing Nets
  • Safety Nets Manufacturers
  • Filter Manufacturers
  • Industrial Cleaning Cloths Manufacturers
  • General Rubber Product Manufacturers
  • Agriculture Textiles Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Technical Textiles for the Automotive Industry
  • Sailing and Parachute Cloth Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Industrial Heavy Fabric
  • Industrial brush and vacuum cleaner manufacturers
  • Velcro manufacturers
  • Edge stitch floss users
  • Special technical fabric manufacturers
  • High heat-resistant fire and insulation metarials
  • Carpeting
  • Greenhouse and fruit growing
  • Agriculture